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BROCK’S ABC Commercial Bin Sweep

BROCK’S ABC Commercial Bin Sweep

If you are looking for the most reliable and rugged commercial bin sweep on the market, Agri-Systems has your sweep. Let us install one of these bin sweeps in your next commercial grain bin or even in an existing tank, you’ll be glad you did.

Solid Construction for Gentle Unloading
Brock’s MODEL ABC™ Bin Sweep System:

  • Provides efficient unloading of flat-bottom bins 30 to 200 feet (9 to 60 meters) in diameter and is capable of capacities up to 20,000 bushes per hour (700 cubic meters).
  • Is designed to be fully submerged in grain and to operate after gravity no longer unloads a flat-bottom storage bin.
  • Offers options for zero-bin-entry use.

Product Features

  • Gently and evenly moves grain to discharge sump in single-pass or double-pass operation.
  • Is the only sweep with a hydraulically-powered drive and agitator system for handling heavy unloading conditions and helping to prevent motor burnout.
  • Standard foam-filled wheel drive system
  • Optional Patented Crawler Track Drive System:
  • Features hydraulically-driven tank-style endless chain track with replaceable urethane cleats.
  • Designed for use with harder-to-flow materials such as soybeans and rice.
  • Keeps sweep close to the bin floor to reduce grain damage.

Why Use an Agitator?

  • Patented agitator adjusts to assist with irregular flow materials and to provide even clean-out.
  • Efficiently break up material clusters and help clean out bridged material.
  • Optional Sidewall Agitator digs into compacted material along sidewall of bin.