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To simplify receiving stations, there are really two types. The first type is a high capacity drag conveyor and leg combination. The second option is having a large holding pit that can handle large volumes of grain and then discharge it to the system.

If designed correctly with the rest of your system, both receiving styles can provide high speed grain handling. Cost, design of the existing site, and water table are the three main factors that determine what system is right for each grain system.

For the large pit system, Agri-Systems, Inc. is has a long standing relationship with Lowry Mfg. to provide our customers with the best dump pit receiving station available.

The Lowry DumPit was designed with the goals of increasing the speed, safety, and ease of harvesting. DumPits can be set up to automatically move all the grain from the pit into a holding facility and then end that operation. Because all of the grain is moved into a holding bin (such as a bin feeding into a dryer), the pits will empty within a matter of minutes and be ready for the next full truckload. That automation means that you can reduce both the labor and equipment required for that aspect of harvest. DumPits, for example, allow a farmer to drive a fully loaded, 1,000 bushel semi-trailer over a double-500 bushel pit configuration, and in a matter of a few minutes unload the entire contents of the truck and return to the field. There are several sizes and options for DumPits to accommodate your operation.

Let Agri-Systems and Lowry help you design and install the grain receiving system that best fits your farming operation.