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Maverik HTF™ Commercial Grain Sweep

Maverik HTF™ Commercial Grain Sweep

Welcome to a new era in bin cleanup. This is patent-pending, revolutionary engineering that sets new standards with:

  • Hydraulic twin flow
  • True zero entry drive system
  • Pure hydraulically driven product
  • Full retrofit capabilities
  • 15K bph capacity
  • Streamlined geometry
  • Dual & single arm available

So whatever the conditions, in even the toughest commodities, the Maverik HTF powers through like no other. For superior cleanup, unmatched efficiency and unbeatable performance.

Streamlined Geometry. Designed for easy cleanoff and maximum durability, the 15,000 bph capacity Maverik HTF features totally smooth, streamlined geometry with no sharp edges or odd angles to collect grain and increase drag.

Variable Speed. Variable speed technology lets the system automatically control the sweep, advancing and regressing with “avalanches.” It matches reclaim conveyor speed, speeding up and slowing down as needed to prevent choking or bogging down. As cleanup progresses, the Maverik HTF increases speed in the second half of the pass, moving as fast as the reclaim will allow to optimize time and productivity.
Hydraulic Power. All hydraulically powered, this sweep has the ability to power through even the toughest commodities. The Maverik HTF features two powerful 12” hydraulic augers and a hydraulic positive drive system. Hoses run internally through the shell in a patent-pending design for maximum protection. It accepts food grade oil and comes equipped with the HYDRA-KOOL™ Hydraulic Cooler to keep oil temperature down, reduce wear on hoses and bearings and extend system run time.

In addition, the Maverik HTF offers both electric and diesel power options, with a convenient mobile power unit that allows easy relocation to maximize efficiencies on multiple bin sites.

Full Retrofit Capabilities. Plus it is fully retrofit capable, fitting through any 24” diameter standard bin door. The Maverik HTF works with all standard sump sizes and accepts minimal size sumps. It also offers the unique ability to match reclaim capacity up to 15,000 bph, plus variable output capability to match reclaim capacity.

Easy Installation. Laser fabricated for maximum precision, the Maverik HTF is built for easy fit-up and installation. Standard auger flighting is 3/16” at the edge and 3/8” at the shaft; for hard-to-move commodities, choose more aggressive flighting.

Additional key features include:

  • Removable AR backshield
  • Special housing for easy replacement of ER style carrier bearings
  • FEA designed internal stiffeners
  • Precision snap-together laser track
  • Powder coated for maximum durability
  • Available in dual and single arm