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Basic Round Tube / Sweeps

Grain Bin Unload – Basic Round Tube / Sweeps

Agri-Systems, Inc. works with many different suppliers throughout the grain handling industry to be able to provide you the right grain bin unloading system for your budget. There are many different options to choose from when looking at grain bin unloads, and there is quite a variation when it comes to quality and price. Each unload tube can be equipped with a power sweep system or a simple carry in bin sweep.

We can provide you a basic unload tube and flight or a top of the line unloading system with a power sweep and upgrades. We look forward to helping you decide which is right for your bin unloading needs!

Standard Unload Tube Sizes:

  • 6”
  • 8”
  • 10”

Powerhead Options:

  • Horizontal
  • Inclined
  • Vertical

Brands of Grain Bin Unloads:

  • Brock
  • Grain Saver
  • Norstar
  • Hutchinson
  • DMC
  • Grain Saver
  • Sudenga

Brock Grain Bin Unloading
Agri-Systems, Inc is proud to offer Brock’s industry leading bin unloads. For all your on farm bin unloading needs, we can provide you the right bin unload for the capacity you need.

HARVEST-TIME Sweep & Unloading Auger System

Brock’s HARVEST-TIME Bin Unloading System is Different by Design: it’s a “two for one” system. This means that you get an under-floor tube and flight conveyor combined with a floor sweep – all economically driven by a single electric motor. With Brock’s HARVEST-TIME Unloading System, you can choose the components that best suit your needs:

• The smooth-working HARVEST-TIME Unloader and Power Sweep combination can be operated from outside the bin, or …

• The HARVEST-TIME Unloader can be used with a center pivot to connect to an existing portable sweep.

An Innovative Unloading Auger System

  • Replaceable auger flight tip in the center well hopper is standard and includes a 10-gauge flight-edge wear strip.
  • Easy gearbox access aids inspection and service.
  • Integral control rod guides are included as standard equipment.
  • Hinged belt guard cover for ease of maintenance. Hole cut-out on power head allows easy motor change-out.
  • Power heads for unloading system include incline or horizontal units.
  • All slide gates are supported by proven, wear-resistant Nylatron rollers designed to hold their round shape.
  • Heavy-gauge auger flight can be removed and reinstalled even with a full bin.
  • Both the 8- and 10-inch (203- and 254-mm) auger systems fit under Brock’s low height aeration floors in farm grain bins ranging from 15 to 48 feet (4.6 to 14.6 m) in diameter.
  • Power sweep can remain in the bin even when the bin is full of grain – saves the time and avoids the hassle of removing and re-installing the sweep.
  • Heavy, high-angle sweep backboard construction.
  • Discharge well controls are conveniently located with sweep controls.
  • A rugged sweep with a reliable reputation
  • A simple shift mechanism is located outside of the bin to engage the sweep and to eliminate the need to enter the bin for sweep operation.
  • Sweep drive gearbox has internal shifting mechanism to engage sweep.
  • Solid rubber sweep drive wheel with 10:1 speed reduction minimizes wear on wheel and bin floor.
  • One motor on the exterior powers both the sweep and the bin unloading auger through rugged, reliable gearboxes – no extra chains, belts, or wiring required.

Hutchinson Grain Bin Unloading
Agri-Systems, Inc. has a long history with Hutchinson and has provided their grain bin unloading systems for our customers for decades. For simple and problem free grain bin unloading, choose Hutchinson Unload Systems. From 15′ – 60′ Grain Bins, we can provide the products you need.

We offer the following Hutchinson Bin Unloading Systems:

  •  Standard Bin Unloads in 6″, 8″ and 10″ Systems
  • Power Sweeps ( Klean Sweeps)
  • Commercial Bin Unloads
  • Horizontal Power Heads
  • Vertical Power Heads
  • 25 Degree Inclined Powerheads
  • Center Bin Wells and Intermediate Bin Wells
  • Complete line of Hutchinson Bin Unload Parts