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Leg Towers/ Support Towers

Leg Towers/ Support Towers

We offer support towers for all grain handling needs. We have a great working relationship with several industry leading suppliers to custom design our support systems for your exact site and needs. Agri-Systems has always been committed to the long term life of your grain setup, that’s why we are proud to offer only the highest quality of support towers that are designed to last. If you purchase a support tower through us, it will be engineered for the specific system based on the equipment supported, heights, wind speeds, and seismic zones.

The most common application of our support towers is for supporting a bucket elevator, or several bucket elevators. With a leg support tower you get a custom designed tower that provides peace of mind your investment will stay standing. You will not have to worry about guy wires supporting your bucket elevator which do not provide the same support and tend to inhibit future expansion plans.

You also get safe and easy access to your equipment with a support tower. We can provide the leg tower with a ladder, safety cage and platform system, or a complete wrap around or switchback stair system. We’ll also design custom platforms to allow safe access to perform maintenance and repair on all crucial components of your equipment, such as on the head and distributor.

We offer both painted support towers and galvanized towers to fit your needs and budget. Depending on the job, location, and tower size we have either all welded and pre-assembled towers or bolt together towers.

Agri-Systems works with several industry leading suppliers throughout the country, so we can provide you the highest quality tower with the lowest possible freight charges by choosing the supplier that is closest to your location!

Our grain handling support towers are used in various applications such as for supporting a grain leg or bucket elevator or for supporting overhead fill conveyors.

Support Towers

  • Square Bucket Elevator Towers
  • Rectangular Bucket Elevator Towers
  • Intermediate Support Towers
  • H-Frame Support Towers

Tower Options:

  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Towers or Painted Towers
  • Fully Welded and Assembled or Bolt Together
  • Switchback Stairs
  • Wrap Around Stairs
  • Ladder and Safety Cage
  • Custom Platforms
  • Basic Tower Ladder and Safety Cage
  • Tower Platforms