Agri-Systems, Inc.



We hear it time and time again, customers choose to work with Agri-Systems because of our professionalism and design capabilities. As both farm and commercial grain facilities become increasingly larger and more complex, the design aspect of any project becomes much more important!

Agri-Systems, Inc. has a full team of knowledgeable sales staff, designers, and engineers that will work collectively with you design the grain facility that is right for you. We help provide budget planning, site evaluations, feasibility studies, and long range planning. We will help assess your current needs and budget, but keep the future in mind with all of our designs.

Our design goals are always to provide the highest quality products, gentle grain handling solutions, common sense design for ease of construction, ease of future expansion, and a system with minimal maintenance requirements.

This process starts by meeting with our staff to determine each customer’s goals and needs for their grain facility. Then we will make a site visit to survey any existing equipment, property lines, roads, etc. This is done with advanced technology with a surveying Total Station so we can draw everything with extreme accuracy.

From here, we begin designing your grain facility with Auto Cad. By having details drawings we provide detailed accuracy for our equipment layouts, our customers can really visualize the project and we will draw and plan for the future phases.
Once a project is designed and sold, we then take these construction drawings to our suppliers of the grain handling equipment. This eliminates any guesswork and field fabrication and provides better tolerances and better quality final products. Our engineers will then provide any engineering drawings for items such as foundation design or soil correction measures.

This in house design and engineering provides us with full control of quality and scheduling on our projects.

Please give Agri-Systems a call today to get started on designing your next grain handling project.