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In-Bin Drying Systems

In-Bin Drying Systems

Agri-Systems offers a complete line of equipment for your in-bin drying needs. We carry all the fans, heaters, Stir-Ators, thermostats, thermometers, spreaders and bin liners you need to make your bin an efficient dryer. We offer complete new in-bin drying setups or we can turn your existing bin into the most efficient drying system available. Whether you are looking for continuous flow or batch drying, DMC’s stirator is the right choice!

No Matter what type of in-bin drying system you choose, we recommend putting an outside liner on the drying bin. Please click on the Bin Liner link to learn more about this money saving product!

Only DMC’s Stir-Ator single, double or triple auger machines give you the most thorough, systematic time tested stirring pattern you can buy.

Choose a DMC Stir-Ator with one, two or three augers to fit 18 to 48 foot bins. Whether purchasing a new bin or updating present storage to drying, a Stir-Ator can cut drying time by 50% in a low temperature bin. A Stir-Ator can also help store grain and be used as a management tool for grain conditioning.

The Design III uses a spiral-stirring pattern that completely and evenly stirs the entire bin every stirring cycle.

Fifty (50%) percent of the grain in a bin is in the outside 1/3 of the bin. A DMC Design III provides the ONLY stirring pattern to spend more time stirring the outside of the bin rather than the center of the bin. The Design III also moves the outside auger closer to the bin wall than competitors’ machines.

Batch System
A Design III Stir-Ator turns any drying bin into a self-contained drying and storage system. With a Stir-Ator in your bin, you have wet holding, drying and storage all in the same unit. The bin can be filled with the Stir-Ator running to stir the grain and insure that the maximum amount of drying air can be pushed through the grain to increase drying capacity. A complete bin full of grain can be dried in one filling with this method. While this method is not the fastest, it is very efficient and maintains the highest grain quality of all drying systems.

A Stir-Ator decreases static pressure by fluffing or loosening grain to allow maximum airflow. Grain is mixed so it dries faster, thus avoiding the problem of overdrying bottom layers of grain while the top layers are still wet. When all the grain is dry, a Design III Stir-Ator equipped bin can be used for storage. Periodic running of a Stir-Ator (with or without aeration) helps prevent grain spoilage and damage when storing over a long period of time.

Continuous-flow System
A Stir-Ator works well with an in-bin continuous-flow system to increase drying capacity. The dry grain is continuously removed from the bottom of the bin as it dries. The stirring augers should be cut off 30 inches above the floor to avoid disturbing the drying front. The grain above this zone (grain depths of up to 16 feet) is constantly being stirred, allowing greater airflow and heat to move upward through the wet grain to provide greater drying capacity and maximum efficiency.

Turn Your Best Bin into the Most Efficient Continuous Flow Drying System Available.

The optional Calc-U-Dri is a revolutionary master control for automatic, in-bin continuous flow grain drying. Calc-U-Dri keeps grain moisture content no higher than 0.3% over set point (percentage moisture desired). It also controls the Grain Flow and take-away systems.

The Calc-U-Dri sensor, located in the Grain Flow discharge tube, monitors all the grain leaving the drying bin. Wall mounted monitors can never match Calc-U-Dri sensor accuracy.

Model 84 Grain Flow features an eight inch discharge auger with 700 bushel per hour discharge capacity using dual floor augers.

With the addition of a Stir-Ator, your bin becomes a wet holding tank with a capacity of up to 16 feet deep, a continuous flow dryer of unmatched efficiency, and a dry and store unit for the last bin full.