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High Capacity Drag Conveyor Receiving Systems

High Capacity Drag Conveyor Receiving Systems

To simplify receiving stations, there are really two types. The first type is a high capacity drag conveyor and leg combination. The second option is having a large holding pit that can handle large volumes of grain and then discharge it to the system.

If designed correctly with the rest of your system, both receiving styles can provide high capacity grain handling. Cost, design of the existing site, and water table are the three main factors that determine what system is right for each grain system.

High capacity drag conveyor systems have become very popular both on farms and in commercial applications. These systems can be designed to receive grain as fast as 50,000 BPH. One of the main reasons these systems are so popular is they can be designed with minimal below grade equipment, compared to a large dump pit that might be 15 feet in the ground.

Drag conveyor receiving stations can be designed cost effectively with a small bypass inlet with a single dump area or an elaborate dual conveyor design that allows for large dump areas. These system can easily be designed to have a dump area of 8’ x 30’ or more, for a single stop to open both hoppers on a trailer.

Let the design team and sales staff at Agri-Systems help determine what is the right grain receiving station for your grain system.