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Conveyors- Grain Pumps

Conveyors- Grain Pumps

Double Run Grain Pumps are increasing in popularity for their gentle grain handling at a reasonable price. Grain pumps offer a happy medium between augers and drag conveyors, and are very versatile in their applications and offer relatively high capacities.

Their operation is similar in concept to a drag conveyor in that they use a chain and UHMW paddles, but they are housed in two tubes for a continuous system. These systems also require far less horsepower than traditional augers or air systems, provide better grain quality, and longer life spans.

Grain Pumps can be used for bin fill applications without having to spend the money on a full catwalk support system like you would need with a drag conveyor. Most often we can do long spans supported with a truss kit system or several bin eave support stands.

Let Agri-Systems help you incorporate a grain pump grain handling system into your facility. Compared to the good old fashion auger, you will be impressed!