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Grain Management Systems

Grain Management Systems

Like everything else in today’s world, technology is aiding in efficiency, productivity, and profits in the agricultural industry. This is true for the technology available for our grain facilities. As producers get larger, yields increase, and the producers become more sophisticated so do our grain setups.

Many of our customers today are taking advantage of complete grain management systems. Systems that not only incorporate temperature monitoring systems, but can virtual monitor and control everything inside your bin. You can now monitor things such as moisture, temperature, insects, and have real time bin inventory delivered wirelessly to your computer or smart phone. These systems can even take the guess work out of aeration and be set up to turn your aeration fans on and off depending on the need inside the bin and the optimal timing based on the weather conditions.
We also can work with our suppliers on hazard monitoring for your grain facility, like bearing sensors and automation and controls.

Bottom line is the technology available can make your system more efficient and safer, saving you time and money!
Work with Agri-Systems and our trusted suppliers like OPI-Integris and Tri-States Grain Conditioning on your grain management system!

Temperature Cables

As the size of grain bins continue to grow each year, the large volumes of grain stored can provide management issues for the customer if they are not careful about monitoring their grain. The most cost effective and simple way to monitor your grain bins is with temperature cables placed inside your bins.

These cables are simply designed into the bin system and suspended from the roof structure throughout the bin. These cables will give you a reliable reading on what is going on inside your bin at specific intervals throughout. This information can be retrieve with a simple portable instrument that can be used for all your bins, or a move advanced system that sends your information wirelessly to your computer or smart phone.

We can design a system custom to your bin with the correct amount of cables to meet your management needs and budget. We work with several industry leading companies such as Tri-State Grain Conditioning and OPI-Integris to tailor a temperature and management system that is right for your grain system.