Agri-Systems, Inc.

Concrete Foundations for Commercial Grain Storage Facilities

Concrete Foundations for Commercial Grain Storage Facilities

Agri-Systems, Inc has complete concrete capabilities for every aspect of your grain storage and grain handling project! As a turnkey contractor we prefer to do all aspects of the project to ensure it is done right, done on time, and to our high standards of quality. Whether your project is a simple grain bin foundation with a monolithic slab or a large diameter grain bin foundation with a stem wall/ ring wall foundation, we have the capabilities and experience.

Each of our commercial grain bin foundations are designed and engineered to your specific site and soil condition. Each grain bin foundation will vary depending on the soil conditions, soil correction method, project location, and bin height and diameter.

Trust Agri-Systems for all your concrete foundations for your grain facility!

Our Concrete Services Include:

  • Grain Bin Foundations – Donut Style Grain Bin Foundations
  • Stem Wall Grain Bin Foundations w/ Reclaim Tunnels and Tunnel Aeration
  • Leg Tower Foundations
  • Boot Pits, Receiving Pits and Tunnels
  • Truck Scale Systems
  • Structural Support Towers for Load Out Tanks
  • Concrete Aprons and Approaches
  • Building Foundations and Flatwork

For your on farm grain bin project, we can do the project from the concrete to completion. We have in house concrete crews that will get your concrete grain bin foundation done right. The longevity of a grain bin is often dictated by the concrete work, so we take pride in making sure the grain bin foundations are done right!

For the larger grain bins, each of our farm grain bin foundations are engineer designed to ensure your investment lasts for years. Even on the smallest of bin slabs we use No. 4, rebar 24″ O.C.E.W. throughout the farm bin foundations, no more wire mesh like most of our competition! We also like to use 4000 psi concrete.

Furthermore, we still use the old cast in place anchor bolts, simply because they are the best. Most other companies today have switched to drill in anchors because of the ease of installation. Although our J-Style anchor bolts take a little longer to set in place and there isn’t much room for error…our trained cement crew will make sure your anchor bolts are installed correctly.