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 Ladder Door Offers Added Security
To aid grain producers in their biosecurity measures, Brock has developed a ladder lock-out system. This optional BROCK® Ladder Security Door helps to restrict unauthorized access to the outside ladder on grain storage bins.

Ladder door features include:

  • Brock’s economical Ladder Security Door attaches securely to the grain bin’s exterior ladder to discourage its use.
  • Hinged ladder cover closes and locks over several ladder rungs.
  • Door features all-galvanized steel construction for low maintenance and durability.
  • Ladder Door measures 76 x 18.75 inches (1930 x 476 cm).
  • Brock’s Ladder Security Door is optional and can be installed on all new as well as most existing BROCK® Grain Storage Bins and BROCK® and CHORE-TIME® Feed Storage Bins.
  • Ladder Door can also be used on ladders with ladder cages.


User-Friendly Ladder System
Brock’s Grain Bin Ladder System is also an important part of the grain bin package. The optional Brock Bin Ladder System is designed to conform to OSHA standards and to be user-friendly with convenience features like:

  • Brock’s Ladder System includes a convenient handrail (patented) to make users feel good about stepping from the bin roof to the side ladder.
  • Round rungs feature raised, non-skid surface and are permanently attached to the ladder rail for a hand-filling, secure grip.
  • Versatile stand-off brackets clamp to the ladder rail, permitting them to be placed wherever needed.
  • Ladder is attached to allow plenty of space between the ladder’s rungs and the bin’s sidewall for your feet.
  • Ladder is factory-assembled to make installation quick and easy.
  • Brock Safety Cage bolts to the ladder. The Safety Cage is standard for ladders on bins with an eave height of over 20 feet (6 meters).

Brock’s Grain Bin Ladder System — another way BROCK® On-Farm Bins are DIFFERENT BY DESIGN™.