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Side Discharge Systems

Side Discharge Systems

Brock’s side discharge bin unloading system is the most cost effective and convenient way to unload larger grain bins.  With the turn of a slide gate you can start unloading your grain bin directly into a truck without the use of any electricity.

Side Draw systems are generally used on large capacity grain bins where the volume of grain able to be discharged is great enough to pay for the investment.  Typically the larger the capacity of the grain bin and the taller the eave height of the grain bin, the more grain you will be able to unload with ease out of the side discharge system.

Although side draws are most often used for loading out trucks, side draws can also be used to discharge into a reclaim conveyor, for loading out rail cars, or strictly for emergency use if you happen to plug up your center sump.

Please contact your knowledgeable sales representative at Agri-Systems to learn more about how side discharge systems on your next grain bin.