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Agri-Systems can provide you with a user friendly door that provides safe and efficient access to your grain bin.  Most existing or older grain bins can be retro-fitted with a new grain bin door.  Contact Agri-Systems today to talk about installing a new bin door in your old grain bin.

Easy Access — No Tools Needed
Bin accessories like Brock’s LATCH-LOCK® Walk-Through Bin Door make grain storage manageable with the least amount of hassle. The one-piece outer door opens wide to latch securely against the side of the bin. The four interlocking inner panels open in sequence from top to bottom with a simple lift of the patented latches. No tools required.

The walk-through LATCH-LOCK® Door is standard on all BROCK® farm and stiffened farm bins and optional on most BROCK commercial bins. A 1-ring (sidewall tier) LATCH-LOCK Door is available for all farm and commercial grain bins.

Safety First
The one-piece outer door swings back out of the way and latches securely against the side of the bin. The interlocking panel system of the inner door carries a U.S. patent with your safety being uppermost in the design. The bottom panel cannot be opened before the top panels to avoid a sudden or damaging discharge of grain. And because panel latches must be secured from the outside, you cannot be accidentally locked inside the bin.

Easy Access
Each panel is opened using one hand to simply lift the latch and swing the panel into the bin. No wrenches or special tools are required.

Strength Where It Counts
With the inner door secured, the panels become an integral part of the structural unit, providing added strength across the door frame to accommodate various grain loads.

More Door for the Money

  • Splash guard on door header effectively channels rain water away from the opening.
  • Since panels must be manually closed from outside, they cannot accidentally shut, even in a strong wind.
  • Inter-locking panels provide safety and convenience by opening only in proper sequence.
  • Special retaining pins carry hoop tension across the door opening for added security.
  • High-strength steel door frame assures proper alignment year after year.
  • An outside step below the door is standard with all door models.
  • An inside step below the door is standard with all heavy latch bar door models.