Agri-Systems, Inc.

Grain Bin Heaters

Grain Bin Heaters

Agri-Systems uses Brock’s Guardian Series Heaters, which have been recognized throughout the industry as the most efficient, high performance heaters; for all grain conditioning applications. Brock’s heaters feature a large service access door, as well as convenient sight ports on both sides of the heater that make it easy to do visual checks on the burner unit. Rodent-resistant conduit protects any exposed wiring on the heater. Each control is specifically matched to each heater unit and feature industrial-grade water tight switches and lights. All Brock Guardian Heaters incorporate a reliable industrial flame rectification system. Heater models are available for use with liquid propane, propane vapor, or natural gas fuels and utilize gas-certified solenoid valves.

Agri-Systems handles both Axial Heaters and Centrifugal Downstream Heaters.

Heater Design Does Matter!
Brock’s GUARDIAN® Heaters are a natural choice for in-bin grain drying. These GUARDIAN Series Heaters are popular with users because of some of the design differences they offer:

  • A proven industrial flame-sensing system for reliability
  • A stainless steel burner cone for long life
  • All electrical wires enclosed in conduit to protect them from rodents
  • Propane or natural gas fuel options

Brock’s GUARDIAN Heaters are DIFFERENT BY DESIGN. Design does matter – especially during critical grain conditioning periods! Experience the Brock