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Hopper Bins – Smooth Wall

Hopper Bins – Smooth Wall

Hopper Bins – Smooth Wall

Agri-Systems is honored to sell Meridian Mfg. products for any smooth wall hopper tank application. Agri-Systems, Inc. is Minnesota’s local Meridian dealer, but we can sell you a hopper tank wherever you are! These hopper tanks can easily be shipped to your site and set in place.

Meridian Manufacturing Group is the innovator and largest producer of smooth-wall hopper bins with four strategic offices and manufacturing facilities in North America. For over 40 years Meridian was known for the Friesen, Grain Max, Stor-King and Wheatland brands, which in 2008, were incorporated under the Meridian trademark.

Meridian hopper bins are high quality, all welded bins and storage tanks that come with the design flexibility to suit your operation. Smooth Wall Hopper tanks can be designed to store all types of grain, fertilizer, DDG’s, sand, feed, liquid chemicals, salt, etc..

Smooth walled hoppers have many features that will increase your efficiency. With the force of gravity behind your grain unloading a smooth hopper bin is quick and easy. The unloading of your smooth walled hopper is efficient because the interior of the wall lacks corrugations or bolted seams for grain to catch on. Smooth walled hopper bins can keep the grain safe from moisture thanks to their seamless design.

Hopper Bins – Smooth Wall

The following is a brief description of the Meridian Smooth Wall Hopper tanks available through Agri-Systems:

Often called a “Fertilizer Bin” but definitely multi-purpose. Grain, seed, feed, fertilizer and much more.

Maximum storage protection for all types of grains. Built strong enough for pulse crops and corn.

The ultimate in storage versatility. Liquid fertilizers, water and much more. (Easily converts back and forth between liquid and dry storage.)

Maintain the quality of your feed, chop or pellets. Perfect feed storage for a couple animals, a small herd or alongside any barn.

The larger and heavier version of a feed bin and also the steep cone version of a multi-purpose bin.